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Recurring payment with Stripe and Woocommerce

You can find very good plugins to accept recurring payment with Stripe and Woocommerce. Recurring payment are useful to sell a subscription to a news website, a forum or an other product/service with a logic of "continuous update".
But, if you decide to sell a course, a unique service or something else and to offer a payment facility to your customers, you need a payment in installments feature.

Of course, it's possible to tweak a reccuring system to stop subscription after x months for example. But it's not optimal.
A friend of mine, a photographer, sells very good courses on the web to learn art of photography. He decided to offer a payment facility and after looking around, he asked me to write a plugin that fit the needs. The gateway used on his shop is Stripe, a very good solution to accept payment on a website. The website is power by WordPress / Woocommerce couple.

So I wrote this plugin and we put it in production. Finally, I packaged it and I started to propose it to e-merchants interested by this use case. I regulary add new features to help e-merchants to sell more.

If you need a recurring payment with Stripe and Woocommerce with the logic of "payment in installments", you can find Stripeseveral there.

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